Floating Drum Turbine – FDT

Our product (FDT) is an innovative micro-turbine utilized for distributed generation of hydroelectricity from the water streams (canals/rivers). This turbine is registered in the WIPO-PCT system, and it is also applied for a patent in the PCT national phase in the US, UK, Canada, and Iran. Additionally, Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label has been awarded by Solar Impulse Foundation to this product.

This turbine consists of an undershot waterwheel floated on a water stream using a buoyant skid, and be anchored to the water bankside using some cables or hinged arms (Fig. 1&2). The turbine and its coupled generator are rotated by the water stream that causes generating the electricity.

Fig. 1 – FDT schematic drawing
Fig. 2 – FDT installation types (left: cable mounted, right: hinge mounted)

We have designed, built, and tested our turbine prototype (Fig. 3), and also have presented it publicly by our company at the 11th International Renewable Energy Fair in Tehran, Iran (21-24 Feb. 2019). Now, we are going to build a working model of the turbine designed for an appropriate water stream.

Fig. 3 – FDT prototype in operation