Our product (FDT) is an innovative micro-turbine utilized for the distributed generation of hydroelectricity from the water streams (canals/rivers). The turbine was registered in the WIPO-PCT system, and it was also applied for a patent in the national phase in the US, UK, and Canada. This turbine consists of an undershot waterwheel floated on a water stream using a buoyant skid, and be anchored to the water bankside using some cables/hinged arms (Fig. 1&2). The water stream makes the turbine and its coupled generator to rotate that causes generating the electricity.

Fig. 1 – FDT schematic drawing

Fig. 2 – FDT installation types (Left: Cable, Right: Hinge)

We have built and tested the turbine prototype (Fig. 3), and it was presented publicly by our company in the 11th International Renewable Energy Fair in Tehran/Iran (21-24 Feb. 2019) too. Now, we are going to build a working model of the turbine designed for an appropriate water stream.

Fig. 3 – FDT prototype during the test