Floating Drum Turbine (FDT)

This product is an innovative microturbine utilized for distributed generation of hydroelectricity from water streams (canals/rivers). This microturbine is registered in the WIPO-PCT system, and has been granted three major patents (US, UK, and IR) and also the IR trademark. Additionally, Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label by Solar Impulse Foundation and GGA Cleantech award by International Trade Council have been granted to this microturbine.

The microturbine comprises an undershot waterwheel floated on a water stream using a buoyant skid anchored to the water bankside using some cables or hinged arms (Fig. 1,2). The waterwheel and its coupled generator are rotated by the water stream that causes generating electricity.

Fig. 1 – FDT concept
Fig. 2 – FDT installation types (Left: Cable mounted, Right: Hinge mounted)

We have designed, built, and tested our microturbine prototype operationally in TRL-7 (Fig. 3,4), and also have publicly presented our microturbine’s Concept, Prototype, and MVP at the 10th, 11th, and 12th Iran International Renewable Energy Exhibition in 2018, 2019, and 2022 in Tehran. Now, our product is ready to be offered to potential customers who have an appropriate water stream in their areas.

Fig. 3 – FDT 3D-model


Fig. 4 – FDT prototype in operation