Problem & Solution

The problem solved is to provide electricity and water for clients in areas with an appropriate water stream (canal/river) who have limited access to local electrical and water networks.

Our solution for eliminating this problem is to generate electricity or pumping the water from a water stream (canal/river) due to extracting mechanical energy from the water stream and converting it into electrical energy or pumped water using our innovative product.

The main alternative solutions for our technology are solar power, wind power, pressurized hydropower, and stream hydropower technologies each of them has many advantages and weaknesses in comparison with ours, but our innovative technology presents some unique features over them to win the competition.


Our main clients would be electricity suppliers, local power distributors, small communities, and local clients. Our market would be expanded by attending relevant events like trade shows, seminars, webinars, and conferences, and also through digital marketing and networking.

Our major competitors are solar power, wind power, pressurized hydropower, and stream hydropower providers, but the great advantages of our technology including low cost, steady state, high efficiency, profitability, sustainability, compactness, and portability make it fully competitive.

According our business model, our product could be offered to the market directly or through some EPC projects implementation (B2B/B2C). Alternatively, we could sell the generated electricity by our erected power plants to clients in the future (B2C).