The Problem & Our Solution

The problem we have solved is providing electricity for outlying/rural areas having some water streams (canals/rivers) that haven’t access to any local electrical network.

Our solution to solve the problem is generating electricity from a water stream (canal/river) by extracting the mechanical energy and converting it into electrical energy. The main alternative solutions for hydropower are solar and wind powers, each of them has many advantages and weaknesses in comparison, but the hydropower obviously has so many advantages over them due to lower cost, higher efficiency, and good reliability.

The Market

Our main customers are electricity suppliers, local power distributors, and individual consumers. The market will be expanded by attending the relevant events (seminars, conferences, and trade shows) and also through digital marketing, it could be more developed all over the world in the future.

Our major competitors are solar and wind power suppliers, and also the pressurized turbine manufacturers that their products are mostly installed on the water pipelines, but the great advantages of our method (low cost, high efficiency, durability, reliability, and environment-friendly) makes it fully competitive.

Our product will be offered to the market directly or through an EPC project execution. Alternatively, we are able to sell the generated electricity by our erected plants to customers in the future.