Green Energy Development Co. (GEDCO)

This company is a startup activated in the renewable energy, hydropower field. It is mainly focused on distributed generation of hydroelectricity from water streams (canals/rivers) using an innovative microturbine. GEDCO is a limited liability company established in May 2018 by its two founders each having great experience in their roles; Shahriar Najafian (Founder & CEO of the corporate) who is a mechanical engineer as the core technical member, and Samira Tavakoly (Co-Founder & Chairman of the corporate) who is a mathematical expert as the administration member. Our team consists of some experts needed to develop our business including engineering, planning, marketing, and IT specialists.

We have invented a unique product which is very attractive to potential investors because it offers a low-cost distributed generation of hydroelectricity suitable for individual consumers in remote areas having a water stream that haven’t access to any local electrical network. This technology is a clean energy solution for substitution of fossil fuels to protect the environment and mitigate the climate change.

Our Patents & Certificates

  • PCT registration by WIPO
  • US patent by USPTO
  • UK patent by UK-IPO
  • IR patent by IR-IPO
  • IR trademark by IR-IPO
  • Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label by SIF
  • GGA CleanTech award by ITC